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About Us

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds and countries. We all have different paths that led us here. But there is one thing that binds us: a belief that small efforts can make large differences in the lives of individuals and communities. The main principle that drives us is empowerment. It serves as our North Star when we talk about scholarships but also in how we think about our team. We want the Operations Coordinators on the ground to drive decisions. We are education: access, a testament to the fact that a small group of individuals can have an outsized impact.

Our Support Team

We drive the strategy and fundraising that has powered education: access since Day 1. As a an all-volunteer team, we treat this project almost like a second job. The question we ask every day: will a decision we have a positive impact on our scholars?

“Working on this project has been the adventure of a lifetime. When anyone asks me the thing I am most proud of in my life, it is providing scholarships for these girls. And we’re just getting started.”


- Alessandro

Our Operations Coordinators

Grit. Compassion. Inspiration.

The Operations Coordinators are at the heart of our model. They are the women on the ground who understand the local context and language. They are role models, mentors, and so much more. Our objective is to empower them to make an impact. 

“I joined education: access because it gave me an opportunity to give back to my community.”


- Suntosh

Our Board

We introduced a Board of Directors in 2023 to help guide our strategy and ensure we are always maximizing our impact.

“We are changing lives for the better. I strongly believe that without the support of education: access, most of the girls in our programs would have dropped out of school, missing out on even the slightest chance of being self-sufficient and financially independent.”


- Priyanka

Our Mission

The mission of Education: Access, Inc. is to provide scholarships, mentorship and support for disadvantaged girls in developing countries, with the aim of contributing to their overall development and education. 

Our Vision

To create an international movement of persons, organizations and donors, committed to helping students in developing countries reach their educational goals by providing the necessary funding.   

Transparency is In Our DNA

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