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Our Work

Millions of girls drop out of school every year. Since 2014, we've been on a mission to change that, one scholarship at a time. Through funding, mentorship, and support, we want to give girls the tools they need to achieve their dreams. With your support, we're making progress towards that every day.

Where we operate

We currently focus our efforts across three cities in India: Delhi, Jammu, and Chandigarh. To date, we have supported girls from 33 different schools. We're on a mission to continue to grow our impact.



106 scholars | 16 schools | 4 coordinators

Our original location, where we work 100% with public schools and mostly in rural areas. Includes 12 girls currently in college/university.



82 scholars | 16 schools | 4 coordinators

Launched in 2022 and growing rapidly, our Delhi team has led the way in expanding our scholarship offering through computer classes and guidance.



19 scholars | 1 school | 1 coordinator

A unique partnership through the Rotary Club allows us to sponsor low-income girls to attend one of the top high schools in India.



Years of education funded
Our Impact to Date


Schools where we offer scholarships
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Local changemakers in our team
A holistic approach to education
Funding tailored to individuals

Flexible funding

We fund the essentials and provide financial incentives to stay in school


We track academic progress and offer career guidance sessions

Family support

We work with families to ensure girls have the support structure they need

Summer activities

We help girls enroll in activities to help build skills outside of the classroom

Computer skills

We partially pay for or organize courses for critical computer skills

Life skills

We help girls set up bank accounts and work with them on health issues

Why scholarships?

A valid question, and one we've thought about quite a lot. Almost all of the reasons that girls drop out of school are connected to one thing: lack of financial support. A scholarship solves that and much more, allowing us to provide girls with the support network and skills they need to thrive. 

*Significant differences by location; Jammu school fees ~$70/year while Delhi and Chandigarh no school fees, meaning higher flexible component


Committed to impact

We're constantly evaluating our results and learning from our experiences. Our goal is simple: maximizing our impact.

How we select scholars

We use a holistic evaluation method to identify girls that show high potential but face difficult life circumstances. The question we ask is simple: would funding fundamentally change the equation for each of our potential scholars.



Our Operations team visits schools, meets with families, and obtains recommendations from teachers and principals.



We use a quantitative model to help make decisions, but we also review every application we receive.



We nominate a committe of at least 3 team members that work through multiple rounds to get to a final decision.

Stories from our scholars

The girls we support are some of the most inspiring individuals we have met. Their stories, ambitions, and perserverance motivate us every day. 

Vanshika Mooten_edited_edited.jpg

Vanshika Mooten, Grade 11

“I want to be an automobile engineer after I graduate. But I need to pass the engineering exam first, which is very difficult. I also love Indian literature!”

Tanu _edited.jpg

Suneha Devi, College

​“I love singing and listening to music in my free time. I love all types of songs but one singer I know is Justin Bieber. His music is very nice to listen to.”

Sunali Sharma_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Sunali Sharma, College

“I have all kinds of hobbies. I love reading, solving puzzles, and solving difficult mathematics questions. In general, I really like challenging myself.”

Our impact so far

We have gone from 7 to 207 scholarships in only five years, and our ambition continues to grow. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our scholarship offering, from private tutoring to mentorship to computer skills courses and mental health. Let's build this next chapter together.

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