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Some Learnings from Our Last Site Visit

Updated: Mar 9

Michael's visit follows the one that Alessandro made in November. Both are a demonstration of how we want the "facts on the ground" to drive our decisions.

Michael visiting the home of one of our scholars

"We have very strong local coordinators who are able to create real impact."
Michael's Site Visit Report

Getting Inspired

Michael is one of our co-founders and has been to India several times. However, this is the first trip he has been able to make in several years. He was able to visit all three sites: Jammu, Chandigarh, and Delhi. And his mission was simple: to challenge the hypotheses and decisions we have been making with the facts on the ground.

Michael came back from India full of inspiration and ideas. Some of the most important things he learned:

  1. We have been able to create strong local teams that drive true impact

  2. Our scholarships change lives but we need to continue to improve our targeting to ensure we are reaching the girls with the highest need

  3. Our focus should be on making girls independent and helping them thrive

Many of these lessons are consistent with what Alessandro found in his visit back in November 2022. We will be working over the next months to turn these insights into impact.

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